PTA/PTSA is the largest child advocacy organization in Texas, with 500,000 people as members of the organization. Members include teachers, parents, and students.  Everyone can join the PTSA, from birth to death!

Get involved at Plano East for your children and for your community. Studies have shown that membership in PTSA provides your child and other children around you with a greater chance of achieving in school. As a PTSA member, you are more likely to be an informed, involved parent. Learn ways to keep children safe and involved in school. PTSA is the place to gain this knowledge.  Be part of the empowered, join PTSA!

A portion of your dues is sent to Texas and National PTAs to support our interests with the Legislature in Texas and in Washington, D.C. to ensure the safety and education of our children. The rest of your dues are used at Plano East to provide programs for parents and students, as well as support for the school and teachers.  Be part of the gap-fillers, join PTSA!

Senior students who are Plano East Senior High PTSA members qualify for the PTSA scholarship drawing.  Don't miss out on the chance at FREE $$$, join the PTSA!
Plus there are Member Perks from TX PTA & National PTA!  Perks that range from discounts on theme parks to computers to Costco Memberships!  Check them all out here

Thank you for supporting the Plano East Senior High School PTSA through your membership and sharing your voice to help our school, district, community, state and nation be the best it can be.